The Grain CLI

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The Grain CLI is an all-in-one tool for compiling, running, documenting, and formatting all of your Grain programs.


The top level grain command will compile and run a Grain program. This can be useful during development for quick iteration cycles. The flags available for this command are equivalent to the flags for grain compile.


grain compile

Compiles a Grain program to WebAssembly.

grain compile

All of the supported flags can be found below:

Flag Description
-I, –include-dirs add additional dependency include directories
-S, –stdlib override the standard libary with your own
–initial-memory-pages initial number of WebAssembly memory pages
–maximum-memory-pages maximum number of WebAssembly memory pages
–compilation-mode compilation mode (advanced use only)
–elide-type-info don’t include runtime type information used by toString/print
–release compile using the release profile (production mode)
–experimental-wasm-tail-call enables tail-call optimization
–debug compile with debugging information
–wat additionally produce a WebAssembly Text (.wat) file
–hide-locs hide locations from intermediate trees. Only has an effect with --verbose
–no-color disable colored output
–no-gc turn off reference counting garbage collection
–no-bulk-memory polyfill WebAssembly bulk memory instructions
–wasi-polyfill path to custom WASI implementation
–use-start-section replaces the _start export with a start section during linking
–no-link disable static linking
–no-pervasives don’t automatically import the Grain Pervasives module
–parser-debug-level debugging level for parser output
–memory-base set the base address for the Grain heap
–source-map generate source maps
–strict-sequence enable strict sequencing
–verbose print critical information at various stages of compilation
-h, –help display help for command

grain run

Runs a WebAssembly file. The grain run command can run Grain programs compiled with --no-link, and can also run WebAssembly files produced by other compilers.

grain run

It should be noted that grain run is used here on the WebAssembly file produced via grain compile.

grain doc

Produces documentation for a Grain program. See the full Graindoc page to learn more!

Generating docs for a single file on stdout:

grain doc

Generating docs for a single file:

grain doc -o

Generating docs for an entire project:

grain doc . -o .

grain format

Formats Grain files. Running grain format on a single file will write the formatted file on stdout, and the result can be written to a file via the -o flag. grain format can also be used on a directory to format all of the Grain files in a project.

Formatting a single file to stdout:

grain format

Formatting a single file in place:

grain format -o

Formatting a project in place:

grain format . -o .

grain lsp

Starts a Grain language server. Generally, this command is used by your code editor to display information about your programs as you write them, and you never need to worry about using this command manually. You can learn more about the Language Server Protocol here.

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