Getting Grain

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Building Grain

To build the compiler, you’ll need Node.js v14, Yarn, and CMake.

Start by cloning the Grain repository:

git clone
cd grain

To get everything set up, run:

yarn setup
yarn compiler build

Running yarn setup will set up the Grain runtime, standard library, and CLI, and yarn compiler build will compile the compiler (it’s pretty meta—we know).

After running these commands, you’ll have a new command available on your command line—grain. The grain command is a CLI tool that both compiles and runs Grain programs.

You can check that everything is installed properly by running the version command:

grain --version

If you see a a version for the CLI and the compiler, you’re all set!

We’ll first use the grain CLI to compile and run a Hello World program, but first let’s set up our editor.

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